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Combi Boilers

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Glow Worm's Energy  combination boiler - flexible, compact & simple to install

Energy Combi Boiler

The Energy combi boiler has a compact size and comes with a great range of outputs, attractive modern design, bright easy to use interface and a choice of controls.

Replace Any Old Boiler

Energy is a light and compact boiler which is easy to install in any situation, including replacing your old boiler. The patented cooling mechanism reduces the stress on the heat exchanger giving long term reliability. Parts are easy to source for this popular boiler range.
Energy 35 Store Combi/System Boiler - a fully integrated wall hung boiler, which combines the benefits of both a system and combi boiler in one package supplied and installed by Gas Or Oil Heating Services, Maynooth, Co Kildare, Ireland

Energy 35 Store Combi/System Boiler

The Energy 35 Store is a fully integrated wall hung boiler, which combines the benefits of both a system and combi boiler in one package. It provides efficient heating and instant, unlimited domestic hot water, making it perfect for larger properties with a high domestic hot water demand. The two 21 litre insulated tanks, housed inside the unit, provide a short re-heat time of less than 5 minutes and can significantly reduce heat loss. Energy 35 Store avoids the need to put in a hot water cylinder - reducing complexity, installation time and cost.
Glow-worm has launched a Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device (PFGHRD), OptiFlue - saves money on gas bills - from Gas Or Oil Heating Services, Maynooth, Co Kildare, Ireland

Optiflue Combi Boiler Accessory

With fuel bills continually on the rise and a heightened awareness of environmental concerns, homeowners are increasingly looking for energy efficient solutions to help save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Glow-worm has launched a Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device (PFGHRD), OptiFlue, to provide home owners with a simple, cost-effective alternative to renewable technologies.

OptiFlue attaches to the flue outlet of a condensing boiler to recover heat energy that would normally be lost to the atmosphere. This energy is then used to pre-heat water as it passes through the device, improving the efficiency of hot water production and cutting the cost of a home's domestic energy bills.

The device works by using the flue gases which are already hot to pre-heat the incoming cold water as it passes through. This pre-heated water then enters the combination boiler by the standard connection resulting in reduced gas consumption and improved hot water efficiency.

The stored volume of water results in instant hot water straight out of the tap, heated solely by the recovered heat. Also, the boiler does not need to operate at full capacity to heat the pre-heated water to the right temperature before it flows out of the tap, further reducing energy usage.

OptiFlue is particularly beneficial when energy demands are high during the winter months, since as the boiler consumes more gas, OptiFlue recovers more wasted energy. Therefore, in colder climates where boilers are in use for a large proportion of the year, OptiFlue provides an effective and low-cost alternative to solar thermal.

For new dwellings, OptiFlue will improve the energy rating around 3%. It is also convenient for retro-fit applications, such as flats where there is no room for renewable technologies.

OptiFlue takes minimimal time and cost to fit and with no moving parts, controls or settings, OptiFlue is a very low maintenance device to fit in any property.

OptiFlue comes in three different forms; as a separate bolt-on unit where the device is fitted to the top of the boiler before the flue system, as a fully- integrated unit where the condense store and heat exchanger are built into the boiler when manufactured, or as a separate bolt-on unit with revised casing to hide the additional PFGHRD unit when installed.

Although still fairly uncommon in the domestic heating market, PFGHRDs, such as Glow-worm's OptiFlue are a key innovation in helping homeowners to find cost-effective ways to improve energy efficiency.

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